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  1. How can you accurately check the thickness of the metal tile?

    Using the electronical or mecanical micrometer.

    If you want to make sure that the thickness of the delivered sheet corresponds to the one that you ordered it's appropriate to ask the company to perform a measurement using the electronical or mecanical micrometer. It is recommended to measure more than one tile, becasue they can have a coefficient of error. 

  2. Does the thickness of the tile reported by the moldavian companies include the layer of the paint?

    In Moldova the producers report the entire thickness of the metal tile.

    The tile's thickness consists of the thickness of the metal plus the thickness of the coating layer (primer, paint, etc.). The tile is thicker than the metal itself. For a better decision while comparing the offers it is recommended to specify if the thickness reported to you contains the coating layer or not.

  3. What are the advantages of the double modular tile?

    It's easier to mount, transport and store.

    Thanks to its double modular system, Umbrella metal tile is easier to mount, transport and store, because it has a smaller weight and surface compared to the pannels that are directly cut according to the dimension specified by the client. Also the double modular tile is always in stock and has a hidden nailing system without screws and visible conjunctions.

  4. What is the available color range for Umbrella metal tile?

    The most popular colors are brown, wine red and red.

    Brown, wine red and red are the colors that we always have in stock in both double modular and classic modular formats. Gray, green and grey brown are the colors that we try to always have in stock, but in case they are missing we can always have them delivered in a week.

  5. What kind of sheet is used to produce the accessories needed to complete a roof?

    The same sheet that is used to make the tiles.

    There is no difference between the sheet used to make the tiles and the one used for accessories. If you chose the Umbrella Premium metal tile then the accessories as well will be made from swedish sheet.

  6. Are there any warranty certificates for RoofArt Umbrella metal tile?


    RoofArt gives warranty certificates for all Umbrella metal tiles. The certificates are valid in all Republic of Moldova.

  1. What are the terms of delivery for the systems?

    The delivery can be free of charge.

    The delivery in the municipalty of Chisinau is free of charge in case of a purchase of minimum 10.000 lei, and is free of charge in Moldova for a purchase of minimum 30.000 lei.

  2. What is the difference between the usual prepainted sheet and SSAB's Prelaq RWS sheet?

    SSAB's Prelaq RWS sheet is specially designed for rainwater systems.

    SSAB's Prelaq RWS (Rainwater Systems) sheet is specially designed for rainwater systems. It has a specific elasticity which makes it possible to shape all the elements without ruining the paint. Also the thickness of the paint was adjusted in order to endure the permanent contact with water.

  3. Are there any warranty certificates for RoofArt rainwater systems?


    RoofArt gives warranty certificates for RoofArt Scandic and RoofArt Aqua rainwater systems which are valid in all Republic of Moldova.

  4. Why it is important for the sheet to be painted on both sides?

    The sheet comes in contact with water on both sides.

    Compared to the metal tile that comes in contact with water only with its surface the rainwater system makes contact with water on both sides, when the water goes through the pipes and travels on the gutters. If the internal side of the system is not coated with paint the corrosion may affect the sheet and the system will get out of order.

  5. Why do we recommend metallic rainwater systems and not plastic ones?

    For color maintenance and resistance to weather conditions.

    Plastic rainwater systems have two major disadvantages. The first one concerns the color tone. Through time the white systems become yellowish due to sunlight, while the colored ones lose their color and become white. Also, plastic systems tend to distort due to temperature changes between summer and winter.

  6. How can you combine the colors of the facade, the roof and the rainwater system?

    The universal solution is white.

    Most roofs and facades can be combined with white rainwater systems. To see other color combinations you can use our color combinator.

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